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We created these virtual programs, to bring you closer to your wellness goals. At AP Holistic we understand that each of us is unique, and our practitioners take pride in supporting you throughout your journey. In each program, you will have access to a licensed professional for at least one customized session, support groups, and access to exclusive discounts through our brand partnerships.

Whether you are addressing an active issue or being preventative, your initial session with our herbalist will be in depth conversation about your health goal. Your herbalist will provide you with insights, lifestyle tips and recommendations to best utilizing plants, herbal supplements, and spices to integrate them into your daily life.

Herbal Consultation

Let us establish a skincare routine for you, by verifying your skincare steps, your products' active ingredients, and introduce modalities. We will help you learn how to analyze and understand your skincare needs, and to maximize your results.

Skincare Consultation

We are excited to introduce you to our house Naturopathic Dr. and Health Coach.

Personalize Wellness Coach

Get Started

This program consists of 3 one on one sessions, it will give you a fresh perspective on movements. Your instructor will utilize tools to help you with body awareness, connection to your muscle groups and movements. We will meet you where you are mentally and physically to bring you closer to your goals.

Mindful Movement

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